Saturday, 15 June 2013

Solo on show

Once again, I have had the privilege of one of my photos being selected by Western Greyhound for use on their mini timetable guides! This year, my photo adorns the cover of the booklet for service 593 between Plymouth and Newquay with publications manager Dicky Souray once again doing a masterful job of presenting the timetable. The photo is however tinged with sadness, as the bus depicted is one of many which unfortunately were caught up in the awful fire at Summercourt depot last month, this being Optare Solo MX06 BRZ (951). A tragic event which I'm sure many of you will now be fully aware of, but what has struck me most is the way in which the industry, as it always does, has rallied around Mark and the team to get things back up and running with haste. It's fantastic to see how supportive one another is in these situations, with buses coming from as far afield as Blackpool and Norfolk, which I will go into in more depth at a later date. The way Mark and his loyal team have coped with the pressure to get the services back up and running so swiftly is admirable, for want of a stronger word. It's nice therefore that 951 will live on in timetable form for a short while longer, although I must concede, I wouldn't have said this photo was some of my 'finest work', but evidently, it has still met WGL's exacting standards. 

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