Sunday, 15 July 2012

Snap on Sunday

Unfortunately I am unable to post the photo I really wanted to this week due to it currently being 'stuck' on the main PC, after the screen going bang a couple of days ago, so I shall leave that for next week. In its place therefore I post this photo of another London-esque shot, again from two different operators. First Devon and Cornwall are continuing to place more Ex-London Darts into service including full length ones, in which the one furthest away from the camera is, this being X734 HLF. A shorter spec Dart, LN51 GOU is seen the other side of 32762 (which the keen eyed among you may have noticed has had its LED blind replaced with a Hanover 'flip-dot' blind!), and nearest the camera, Jackett Coaches BX54 DLF. With another of Plymouth Citybus' Darts also now painted in this still somewhat mysterious overall red livery (T129 EFJ), Plymouth is continuing its theme of becoming red all over. Dwelling on this for the moment, it was even more surprising to find that T129 EFJ had actually already had the front painted in the dark red of the livery whilst wearing the British Art Show advert livery, but yet has now had it painted into the lighter red of the livery.  


Anonymous said...

bus 55 has been sprayed up in the all over red livery and should be on the road tomorrow.

Tom said...

Yep, I saw 55 on the 5 today in allover red, 25 on the 27, and 29 on the 28/A/35s. 56 was also in the paint shop being sanded down; with the back of it at least being just plain blue.