Sunday, 29 July 2012

Oakley's Expansion

Oakley's Party Limos have continued to go from strength to strength and have recently expanded the fleet with 2 new additions. As many of you will have seen on The Hoe last weekend, they have recently converted Optare Excel P152 CTV as their latest party bus. Owner, Paul Oakley, does all the conversion work himself, and I think you'll all agree, to a very high standard. Certainly looked extremely smart when displayed last Sunday.

The latest addition though, added only a couple of days ago, is this interesting Van Hool (LAG Motorcoach) EOS 180Z. I had at first thought K100 EOS must have been a private registration, surely this wasn't from 1992!? But indeed with many thanks to Graeme Selway, with his far superior knowledge, this is indeed its original reg, K100 being new to Coach Stop (Hopes) of Leigh on Sea. She then passed to McLeans of Whitney before its ultimate demise in January of this year, then passing to another local operator, this being Walter's of Forest Hill from whom she has just been purchased from. A very interesting company which is quite frankly blog worthy in its own right, and hence I shall return to this in due course. Certainly a very interesting, and rare thing to find in the UK, and it certainly seems to be in good condition. I have been reliably formed she performed faultlessly and with gusto on the trip back down to Plymouth on collection. This coach will now join the Van Hool bodied Scania K113 in the private hire fleet, rather than being converted for party use. 


G said...

Laurence, it's a EOS integral, an EOS E180Z to be exact.

It's also still on its original plate, new to Coach Stop, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex.

It had been with McLeans of Witney but they went bust in January, so it had presumably moved on from there. Walter's are nearby, so that makes sense, I guess.

Laurence Mayhew said...

Oh I do bow down to your superior knowledge Mr Selway! I tried to piece together what it was from a poorly written Wikipedia page, but didn't really pay off.

I didn't even bother looking on Bus Lists on the Web for its reg, I thought surely it can't have been K reg, and just happen to have EOS on the end!

Thanks for the help once again, I really do appreciate it! I build up a much bigger and clearer picture of the industry every time you chip in :-)

G said...

No worries Laurence :-) Had you looked on BLOTW, it wouldn't have been there but because you didn't, it was! ;-)

BTW, I don't know its whole history, I suspect it's had a few more operators before Mclean's had it. It still looks smart for its age, though.

James Walker said...
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