Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Superior Sunday!

Echoing the words from Michael Hudson/Plymothian Transit, Michael Hudson will be wheeling out the beast that is Leyland Atlantean TTT 168X once more this coming Sunday for an enthusiast's trip around the city. 168 will be re-living her past career all in one day, re-tracing steps of years gone by on various routes she completed over her 25 year career. One service in particular that Michael is keen to replicate on Sunday will be the 35 to Ham, which was the first service TTT 168X was ever used on, way back in 1980. 

If you would like to join Mike and many other enthusiasts for the outing on Sunday from 10am at Milehouse, please do let  me know, or alternatively have a look at the Facebook page for the outing at  A donation towards fuel will most certainly be welcomed seeing as diesel is now on its way above and beyond £1.40 a litre! BSOG most certainly doesn't get paid towards preserved buses! 

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