Friday, 24 February 2012

A 'red' in a sea of green...

...although weirdly at this point, this LH wouldn't have looked totally out of place! This is another wonderful photo sent to me by Chris Thomas showing LH KTT 39P still in her red guise from her time spent within Devon General in August 1983. I say she wouldn't have looked out of place due to the GOL-N and JOX-P Leyland Nationals that were used for a time at Torpoint in the poppy red that they had inherited from their original operator, Midland Red. They may well have all been painted out of the red livery into the Ferrybus livery by this point actually come to think of it, but I'm sure there are some more knowledgeable people out there than myself who can correct me if I'm wrong. The Midland Red Nationals I believe were added to the fleet at Torpoint in the mid seventies, but I have no idea as to when they were re-painted into the very attractive dark blue and white/grey Ferrybus livery. Anyway, back to the LH, KTT 39P joined the North Devon Limited split of the original Western National Omnibus Company on January 1st 1983, only to then be sold on to Western National Limited the same day! Not sure what point this made it down to Torpoint, before now I didn't know any of the KTT-P batch had been used at Torpoint, so certainly a surprise, then again I would presume any LH could have been used on Torpoint services thanks to no modifications being needed to enable them to make the trip. Thanks once again to Chris for allowing me to share the photo with you. 

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