Sunday, 26 February 2012

Snap on Sunday

I post this photo of Trident WA54 OLP, 32757, 'Cormorant' for no other reason other than I really really like it! Was looking back through some old photos the other day, and came across this shot from the summer of 2007, and what a glorious one it appears to have been! Even more surprising is that this was taken using my old comparatively amateur Vivitar V3935, and yet I wouldn't be afraid to admit that the quality actually looks superior to my current Canon S5IS. That said, even the Canon is getting on in its years. I've owned it for nie on 4 years now but certainly have no reason to let go of her just yet. The S5 has been a lovely dependable, easy to use camera, able to deliver a really good range of shots as well as having a surprisingly good recording facility. Looking back though it seems that now and again, by fluke, the Vivitar seems to trump the Canon. A vast majority of photos are very poor in comparison though! 

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