Saturday, 1 October 2011

Welcome back Winkleigh!

After 3 years scored off the rally calender the Winkleigh Rally at the West of England Transport Collection will be making a return tomorrow. 

If you've never been before, Winkleigh is a rally that is just completely different to any other you'll visit. The photo I've posted at the top sums it up quite well really! A rally with copious amounts of half cabs, a huge selection of buses both rotting, and in preservation waiting for their chance to be restored. Some people describe it as a scrapyard, I wouldn't go that far, but Winkleigh is indeed a place where buses are acquired, and 'dumped' before their fate is decided. Its fascinating looking through what's on offer, looking at what's reached the end of their lives, and what we may see back out on the road in the future. The dis-used (well no, not dis-used, they're filled with buses now!) hangers that many buses are kept in also add to this atmosphere. 

Really worth coming along for something different. There are due to be many more trips operating this year, departing every 5 minutes from the rally site! All kicks off at 10 if you're interested. 

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