Saturday, 8 October 2011

Beautifying Bretonside

Finally, Bretonside is actually starting to look like a place where you wouldn't mind spending time, not that many people have to regularly venture down here these days anyway...

Bretonside has been getting a splash of paint over the past couple of weeks in a range of really bright and bold colours. I must admit, this small amount of effort has absolutely transformed the lower station, it genuinely looks inviting! There doesn't seem to be any real pattern to the colour scheme, and that's possibly why its worked so effectively. Then again, it may also develop your thoughts into, is this paint just a variety of leftovers that PCC found in their stores? Even if this is the case, its really brightened the dull appearance of the pillars the are so dominating along the lower station. I'm really hoping we'll see more of this if and when they refurbish the rest of the concourse. Bretonside hopefully will now become somewhere they is pleasant to waste away time waiting for a bus or coach to whisk you away. Then again, I doubt some paint will cure the 'scene' that we still find in Bretonside, but who knows! The radio idea never really worked in clearing these people, although it does still make it more enjoyable for the people who are down there. Those safety announcements are dreadfully annoying though, especially when you've had to hear it in 4 languages. But still, I will say a well done Plymouth City Council on this one! 

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