Sunday, 23 October 2011

Snap on Sunday

What's that I hear you say? Am I sure this is local? Well yes, if you are mistaken, then this is Truro, but with a non-native bus! This Volvo Olympian, P559 EFL is currently on loan to FDC from its home in Southampton, the giveaway being the non-standard black parts added to the standard livery. There has been much debate in the past as to whether this black paint enhances the livery, or makes it look worse. It does depend on the bus, and even bus to bus in some cases, where we see subtle changes between liveries. So what about P559, well its certainly one of the better ones, but I'm still not totally taken in by it. It does smooth out the lines a bit, but when you compare it directly to the standard livery, its really not that good! It just makes it look untidy, in particular the black around the lower deck windows. P559 is probably on loan at the moment due to the Rail Replacement currently taking place between Plymouth and Par. You certainly see some interesting workings while the B7s and Solos take on the RR duties, but more on that later!  

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