Thursday, 1 September 2011

Something for Sunday?

Got a gap to fill this Sunday? Never fear, because the The Devon and Dorset Group can provide you with a great day out in Torquay! The rally is now going into its 3rd year being run by the DDG, after two very successful rallies over the past couple of years. There's plenty of good variety on offer, from a half cab AEC Regents, to nearly new Dennis Enviro 300s, really someone to suit any interest. What makes this rally particularly great is the amount of services put on to enjoy. This year there shall be no less than 10 different bus routes in and around Torbay giving you the chance to sample a large variety of different vehicles. As a spotting location Torbay is brilliant! With the new Rockwalk now fully open, if you venture up there you can get some great shots across the bay. I have had a go myself a few months ago, so I've included a couple of sample shots below, but with a bit more practice, I'm sure you could do even better!

The venue will again be at Shedden Hill Car Park, which is practically right next to the Big Balloon 'thing', so its nice and easy to find! To find out more please visit the website:

It really is a great event, so certainly one to go to! A lot of time and effort is put into organising events such as this, so I'd like to thank the team of organisers in advanced! Now, all we need to hope for, is some decent weather! 


G said...

Nice one, Laurence. Thanks for that. There's actually ten routes this year but you wouldn't know that since I see we've forgotten to update the website!!

Laurence Mayhew said...

No problem Graeme! Oh brilliant, I shall update that straight away! Last time I went it was 6 routes, so plenty more to sample for this year :-)

G said...

Some routes only have a couple of departures, though!