Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Carry on Stepping

Luckily, Sunday hasn't completely seen off all the step entrance vehicles from the PCB fleet. If you look closely enough at around 5pm each week day, you can still find some Volvos out playing. There are no less than 3 workings that are operated by the old B10Ms commencing in Derriford, with other routes also running B10Ms, if you can track them down! These of course are the various buses that have just come off the school runs, and therefore, why not send them back in service! Take advantage while you can though, the Volvos are slowly trickling away from the fleet. This was also the first time out for my brand new phone, so here are the photos it produces! I'll need to get the hang of it, but I was fairly impressed in the challenging conditions the Plymothian weather provided for me this afternoon. 

The other step entrance vehicle still going today, was L124 YOD. With big thanks to Jared Pengelly, who ran after this to be able grab the photo(!), I am able to bring you this view of her operating on service 49. So the step Darts may linger on for just a little while longer, but they will be increasingly hard to track down! 

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