Thursday, 15 September 2011

Darting over Dartmoor

This really is it, the step entrance Darts are finally on their last leg. With huge thanks to Plymouth Citybus, the last day of Service 59, will also see the last day of the step Darts in public service. Route 59 will be run all day with these Darts until the end of service. 

Plymouth Citybus
DENNIS DARTS - After 19 years of loyal service, our older step entrance Dennis Dart buses will be retired from normal service at the weekends. This means that all normal services, apart from school buses, will be low floor from Sunday. To celebrate this, the last day of service 59 on Saturday will be operated by the step entrance Darts, giving enthusiasts the chance of a final trip on them.

So many of the big companies would simply overlook this, and the bus in question would just disappear from the streets of their respective towns, so I would go as far as saying its an honour, that Go Ahead are making the effort to run the Darts for us for the last time. I've only seen Mini Pointer Darts on the 59 for some weeks now, so is lovely that they will be swapped back just one more time.

This really will mark the end of operation of all step entrance vehicles in public service at PCB, excluding the school runs with the Volvo B10Ms, and the sole (?) remaining step Dart. My sister travels on this last remaining service daily, so hopefully I will have an insight into when this bus also disappears from traffic for the final time.

If you don't fancy a trip on a step Dart though, or perhaps do, but in a different location, then Kingsbridge is the place to be! This Saturday will see the annual running day return to the town, but more on that tomorrow!

The final service if anyone is interested, will be at 1750 from Royal Parade. I believe the service terminates at the George P&R though, so does anyone know if the service will run in service back into Plymouth, or if passengers will be allowed on the dead trip back into Plymouth?

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