Sunday, 21 August 2011

Some more of the new livery!

With thanks to Tom Pearce, I can bring you this great lineup of all three of the Plymouth Citycoach/ (Just) Citycoach, liveries currently in use. I'll leave it to the to you to decide which is best! Please do feel free to air your opinion on the comments section below. Personally, I prefer the oldest one! I would say this still does look modern, but it suits the lines of the buses better than both of the newer liveries, and the contrast of colours along the coach adds a bit more 'interest' to the appearance. The lighter overall appeal of the livery is also nice, compared to the darkness of the newer one. At least it won't look as dirty I suppose! The 4th photo shows be being lucky enough to have the new Volvo on my trip to Cardiff and back yesterday! So here she is stopped in the evening sunlight at Taunton services. 

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