Wednesday, 3 August 2011

L10 Thrash!

For a while now I've been wanting to experience a really good thrash on one of the few remaining K reg Leyland Olympians in Plymouth. The usual haunt of the 3 to Barne Barton really doesn't do them justice. Luckily, at the moment it seems pretty common to see two Leylands on X80s in daily use and so the box to tick for the day was a round on the X80 with a Leyland. thankfully, both K614 and K615 were operating on Friday, so I had a nice pair to choose from! K615 has always seemed the stronger to me, so after wandering around Paignton and the like for a while, it was time for a thrash down to Plymouth! Weirdly, I think we actually went faster on the smaller roads, as the hills up on Rattery Bank and along the A38 proved too steep to really get up at any great speed. Therefore I have included some video taken firstly on the road from Totnes heading for the A38, and then again before Horrabridge. Enjoy! 

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