Sunday, 7 August 2011

Snap on Sunday

There aren't many places left in the UK where you can still get a view like this! This is of course, Blackpool, where I spent 4 days of the family holiday within, and my god is the transport scene good! Plenty of Leyland Olympians both with TL11 and 6LXB engines to sample, along with Leyland Lions, Optare Excels, alongside the more common variety in the town. And of course, the legendary Blackpool trams are still very much at the forefront of passenger transport in the area, although much of the line is currently closed for re-furbishment work before the new trams arrive. Some of the older stock will be retained, but more on that at a later date! The photo depicts any normal day in Blackpool showing Ex-London Gardner 6LXB engined, D173 FYM, and Leyland TL11 engined, Ex Lothian, A704 YFS. 

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