Sunday, 24 July 2011

Snap on Sunday: The end is nie

Two generations of lineups outside the Milehouse Bus Depot for tonight's Snap on Sunday. With thanks to Michael Hudson I can bring you this fantastic photo of Leyland Atlanteans galore along 'Track A'. As these were phased out, Track A became homestead to the Step Dart. I always though this was somewhat strange. Why have the oldest buses in the fleet, on show right at the front of the depot? If anyone does know the actual reason I'd be very interested to hear! But it was a sad sad sight driving past Milehouse this morning, seeing no Step Darts, but instead, an assortment of Volvo B7 deckers, and Optare Solos. It's just not the same! They don't even match...

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Jared said...

Next task in my mind for Go Ahead is to get PCB into one livery.

Look's pretty scruffy in my mind having 3 different logos bombing around the city.

Goodbye Step Darts