Saturday, 30 July 2011

32762 is not saving the children!

Dennis Trident 32762 has finally lost her branding for Save the Children which was/is First Group's chosen charity. She was one of only 6 buses in the country painted into the livery to show support for the charity after First's £1million donation in 2008. The livery has looked somewhat tarnished over the last few months though, and the decision has been made to put her back into standard Barbie 3. She was out and about freshly painted on X80s today, but unfortunately, I couldn't get a decent photo from my vantage point on an X80 heading the other way! Will be a strange sight to see a Trident in Barbie over in Torpoint in the coming months. Up until now Torpoint residents 'expect' the Barbie 3 liveried double deckers to include steps! In fact its been a nice easy way of differentiating them. If its in Barbie livery, then Torpoint will generally complain about it being 'old'! Lets see if they notice that actually, this one is newer than the normal pink Tridents! 

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