Thursday, 31 March 2011

Reminding me of home

I nearly forgot the most interesting spots of the holiday in Orlando, so lets take a step back and have a look at these before continuing. 

Firstly, was this Routemaster, WLT 951, which certainly seems to have got around a bit. She was seen outside an English style pub/restaurant type set up a short walk from where we were staying. She looked in very good condition, though seemed to be used more as a tool for capturing the attention of customers more than anything! This bloke kindly stopped his bus to allow me to get a photo of the 2 posed together, quite a rare shot! I've taken this overview of its history from 

RM951  WLT 951         new: 8/5RM5/8
              11/61 NX into service on 141
               1965 NX
               5/66 NX to Aldenham overhaul
               5/66 NX from overhaul
               5/66 WN transfer
               1967 WN
               8/69 WN repaint
               3/73 PM transfer
               5/73    Aldenham overhaul, body changed to B910
               5/73 X  after overhaul
               9/74 Xu unlicensed
               3/75 X  relicensed
               6/76 X  repaint
               3/78    Aldenham overhaul, body changed to B786
               3/78 GM after overhaul
               1/82 GM showbus
               9/82    Aldenham overhaul; no body change.
              10/82 CA (N) after overhaul
                    GM transfer: showbus
                    CA (N) transfer: showbus
               6/86    withdrawn, 
               9/86    bought by Clydeside Scottish
               5/89    taken overby Western Scottish, #C63
               8/90    sold to Lister (Bolton)
                       sold to Brakell Omnibus Sales (Cheam)
                       sold to Kangaroo Colnbrook for export to Australia.
                       but remained in England. (seen around Windsor and Surrey)
               1997    sold back to Brakell.
               3/98    bought by Jim Moore, Hillsboro, Texas USA,
                       exported to USA: shoppers shuttle service
               3/00    in preservation by Jim Moore, Hillsboro, Texas
               7/05    bought by Atlantis Limo, Orlando, Florida
              11/08    retired for preservation by Scoobey Meltcher

The best find came in the shape of JHW 62E, an Ex Bristol Omnibus, Bristol Lodekka. She looked like she may have been sat there a while, on the grass verge of this duel carriageway coming into the centre of Orlando. From what I could see she was actually serving very little purpose. There was a billboard next to the bus advertising space for RVs, but there was no real green site anywhere near the bus! The interior of the Lodekka was completely stripped, but there was a what looked like a generator along with some CCTV installed on the back of the bus. Good to see she's still surviving though, and in relatively good nick. 


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Anonymous said...

This bus was owned by Dacks coaches od King's Lynn Norfolk UK. I drove her for two years on school trips days out etc. He also owned 61e and I had the pleasure of doing many miles in her also. I am looking for a FLF for myself just to use as a toy. I'd love to be able to purchase this one and bring her back home and restore her back to her full glory. Mike