Sunday, 27 March 2011

Innovation in America (2)

The simple things are always the best, and buses in America used some very simple things to make traveling just that bit easier. The one most interesting was the rear doors. These are interestingly not operated by the driver, and instead by putting slight pressure on it this then release them and they swing open. So simple yet it saves time, keeps in the heat (not that you really need in in the states!) and gives the driver one less thing to worry about. They also close automatically after a certain period, and when the driver takes the handbrake off. This also means its impossible to open them from the outside meaning there's no chance of fare dodging. This is such a simple solution and I really think the manufacturers were onto something here, I could really see this being used here in Britain. 

Another simple little tool used was the bell was simply a long metal wire running along both sides of the bus you pulled to activate it. Much like the rubber strip found on VRs and Olympians of old, this is such a simple yet effective way to doing this, rather than having countless poles which just get in the way. Of course these days they are used for standing passengers, where as America has grab handles hanging from the roof. Sometimes the simple things are certainly the best! 

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