Tuesday, 9 November 2010

A new coach at A-Line

Now I must admit, this one is quite a beast! Behind this modern looking Van Hool bodywork is in fact A182 MNE, a 1984 Volvo B10M! I've always thought Van Hools, whatever the age, always look really modern. The bus may be some 26 years old, but you would never think so. 

As is quite obvious this is the second bus that has come to A-Line via Roselyn of Par. Though the vehicle started off life as a batch of 39 similar vehicles (half were Leyland Tigers the other half were B10Ms), at Smiths, who carried out coach work for Sherings. She was painted in a Smiths/Sherings livery until she was moved on. Interestingly the coach is listed as having 9 owners over its life. We could only think that it may have been passed round another subsidiaries of Sherings, or swapped between Roselyn and Girlings? 

Whatever the story is behind her, she is certainly in very good condition, with a near new interior fitted. The toilet and middle door/staircase have been covered up and replaced with some extra seating, making this a 57 seater. When new she was listed as only a C49 (in other words 8 seats have been added). 

Both the Scania Van Hool and the E reg Volvo B10M are now withdrawn and off the road stuffed down in the back of the depot along with Mercedes 709, M152 LPL, or 'Milly' as I always referred to her as. The A reg will take over as the spare bus, though driver Derrick Cuff, has promised me his first preferrence will be the A reg for his duties! He even described the coach as 'The best coach I've ever driven'. For me, I'm yet to ride on her but hopefully it will be soon! 

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Anonymous said...

It's not correct to say that Smiths carried out work for Shearings. The two were competitors until they merged to form Smith-Shearings in around 1986.