Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Caradon Riviera Tours sell up

Local coach company Caradon Riviera Tours have been selling many members of the fleet over the past week at auction, with operations finally winding down after many years of successful service. Keith Deeble, now in his 78th year has decided to retire, and pass the reigns on to his son, who will only be maintaining 3 of the original fleet for use on school contracts. 

One of his drivers has kindly sent me some photos of the coaches on their last day in the depot, on there way to be sold. CRT were always famed for their old and interesting fleet, and you knew whenever you say that lovely cream and blue livery, you were in for a treat. Surprising that nowadays cream doesn't get used as much as it once was, as the fleet always looks superb. 

Even I have fond memories of CRT when I used to travel on one of the Dennis Javelins weekly in primary school for swimming lessons in Saltash, from Cawsand. Its memories like that, that has made this companies departure particularly sad. 

On a happier note Keith will be retaining LUI9955 the Baby Tiger, the Ex-Maynes Leopard/Class 6 coach/tow truck and another of the Tigers with a "CRT" registration. 

Good luck to Keith in his retirement, but I for one will sorely miss the company! 


Phil said...

Does anyone know the link between Caradon Riviera and Darley Ford Travel? Darley Ford used to be known as Deebles at one point, and they used to have a huge school contract.

Mike said...

I believe the companies were originally set up by 2 brothers. Caradon Riviera by E J Deeble and Darley Ford by A J Deeble. Am not sure if it originally started as one company and maybe split due to a family disagreement.

Rob said...

Spotted today:-

M420 CCV Now in service with Target Travel

Ex London Trident O2 plate on the back of a tow-truck 30 mins ago

Richard C. Lambert said...

Good luck to Keith in his retirement, but I for one will sorely miss the company! tours on maui