Friday, 10 September 2010

Good news travels fast

I shall first apologise for the irregular blogging this week. This may be the case form now on now I'm back at school and the real hard work has begun. Of course A-Levels are no joke to begin with, and we've been told to expect at least 20 hours of homework or more (equating to 4 hours per day). And along the increased difficulty in gaining a place at Universities these days, the A-Level is becoming more and more crucial for success in getting a place. 

Anyway on to what this blog is supposed to be about! Some good and bad news to report in this A-Line update today. Firstly we'll get the bad over and done with. Long term school bus driver Roger will be making his last trip with the company next week driving the G reg on the Torpoint to Cremyll school bus. Roger has been very much liked by all that travel aboard his coach and I'm sure he'll be sorely missed by the pupils of Torpoint particularly. 

This has meant Derrick Cuff will be mng back to working at A-Line after a spell working at Parcel Force in and around Callington. Cuffy will take on Roger's school duties as well as runs to Trago Mills. It is also hoped he may also take on some of the morning and evening service 80 work and private hire. 

In further good news A-Line will soon be taking on another disabled access Mercedes Vario. The registration is yet to be confirmed but this will be used as as the 'spare' if anything goes wrong with either 'Bertie' (R651 YCR) or 'Gemma' (X891 YGU). Bertie has worked all of the 'new' service 80s so far with no mechanical problems. Things may finally be coming good for the unreliable one! Maybe she enjoys the non stop rush of the 30 minute frequency now which has proved very popular among customers (who know what's going on!). Unfortunately the real time display in Cremyll still displays the old 80 and 81C timetables. I've been asked on many occasions now if an A-Line is actually coming!

Derrick Cuff has now started a new website for the company. Find this at

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