Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Another K reg lives on

With thanks to Matt McWheeney I can bring you this photo the 2nd PCB Dart that has made it to Halifax, this being K110 SFJ. Of course unlike L126 which had only recently been withdrawn, K110 has been out of action for a while now. Interesting that both the buses sold weren't from the K reg batch. Maybe other members of the K reg clan were too far cannibalised to be sold on. No doubt many of the spare parts for the L and M reg Darts that are still in use have been taken from K regs that have been out of action for a while. Of course K107 does still solider on on a variety of tasks. K110 SFJ will be used alongside L126 on the 36 and also on this Sainsbury's shopper bus, which she is pictured working here. Again this one looks like she's very much been rushed into service with odd bits of old and new livery applied to her. I would guess that section of the front has come from another Dart to make it look more presentable when it does get painted into Halifax's livery. 

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