Tuesday 29 January 2008

How hard can it be?

Stagecoach has been asking the nation recently “How do you use a bus?”

They have been surveying the nation about if they know how they should travel on the bus. Their research shows the many members of the UK have no idea on how to use the bus. Therefore with their research they have launched advertising campaign to try and educate the public on how to use a bus service. They say that them not knowing how to use a bus service puts many people off getting the bus and forces them into they’re cars simply because they don’t know when to ding the bell or how to ask to get somewhere. So they have produced the idiots guide to catching a bus to get them onto a bus. But that’s not all they have also had T.V adverts on that you may have seen advertising them as “The bus of Britain”. This advert is there to advertise there new buses (Dennis Enviro 400s) what they can be used for, who uses them and how cheap it is to get the bus. So Stagecoach are pulling all the stops out but will it work?

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