Tuesday 29 January 2008

Do we need a big yellow bus?

For some time now First have run a scheme trying to get big yellow school buses like seen in America onto the roads of Britain in a campaign to make it safer for children. But I want to pose the question do we really need them? First say that they are much safer and that they are more efficient than a normal school bus while trying to campaign to the government for money to buy them therefore making more money. But I think in this area we don’t need them. They are much bigger than a normal bus like a Volvo Citybus or Leyland Olympian but only carry around half of the people that those buses would. For example the Olympian will take 76 and these will only take around 40 at the most 60 for a bigger one which won’t even fir on the country roads around here which is the whole point of the school bus. To get people who can’t use a bus service or live close to the school they are trying to get too. To extend if they do happen to fit on the roads they use a lot more fuel than a standard bus. It will cost a lot on money to get the buses over to England in the first place which is also very un-environmentally friendly. I have also filled out a questionnaire (which I’m not supposed to do as I am a student) in a manor which goes very against what First are trying to campaign for. I have said that it will force the other companies out of business as school routes play a key part to the success of the companies. I have also put down that the children are always very good which they are on my bus but I know are not on all buses thought around my part they are always well behaved. So hopefully other people in the area have also put them off putting them here but who knows. The campaign bus has already been? So will it come for good.

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