Wednesday, 6 June 2007

C417 HJN

Today I had my first ride on Torpoint's new Leyland Olympian C417 HJN (34817) And I can report to you she is a lot nicer in condition that the other Olympians at Torpoint. She has grey seat covers. None of them teared they are all in brilliant condition. There is no scratches or bumps on the bodywork so they must be doing something right up country. The gearbox and engine are working very well very smooth changes and a very good sounding engine which I will upload a video soon. She blasts up the hills even better than the old VRs used to (I am sorry to say). So all in all she is a very good bus. Sad to see her be thrashed and trashed on this route now and with the school kids.
And today I saw Torpoint's Leyland Olympian 34813 on the 7A. So she is having a holiday. I am sure it is the equivalent when you work so hard on route 81B/C.
Sorry I have not done the story about the boats yet I am finding more relevant news to the area but it will eventually happen I promise.

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