Saturday, 10 August 2013

Trident at Tesco

On a recent pass by at Tesco in Roborough what was there to greet me, but this very colourful Dennis Trident, although it appeared she wanted to hide her true identity! But of course, no bus can escape the enthusiasts of the UK that easily, and after a few minutes of searching, her real identity was revealed, this being Y416 HMY, new to Metrobus. 

The vehicle is on a tour of the UK promoting the children's toy 'Moshi Monsters' at the moment, although in the past she has been used by the National Young Volunteers Service as their 'V Bus'. It's somewhat surprising that such a young vehicle has been used in this capacity for this length of time already, with her having been converted as early as 2009 at the tender age of just 8 years old. 

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