Sunday, 21 July 2013

Snap on Sunday

This week's SoS comes slightly delayed, with these photos actually being taken during the previous week. This period saw Military Road, aka the cliff road along Whitsand Bay shut, due to some serious subsidence of the road, leaving holes of some 10ft in depth across the breadth of the road. This meant a diversion via the old 80B route, taking the buses along the B3247 and down the infamous Hounster Hill, through Millbrook Narrows. No First services have used this road for some time, since Olympian C412 HJN disgraced herself on a school run, unable to make it up the hill with her capacity load; but it has been some 6 years now since First ran regular public services via this route. Therefore it seemed a worthy use of time to go down and get some photos of various buses squeezing their way through, made even more nightmareish by the sheer volume of traffic using the road, because of course, there was no alternative! This can in particular be seen within the photo below of the CJ Down Volvo trying to negotiate its way through! Traffic has now returned to Military Road after a very hasty repair, with services now operating the normal route. 

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