Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Bye Bye B10Ms

Yes it's that time of year again when we say a fond farewell to Plymouth Citybus' Volvo B10Ms! In all seriousness, it really does seem that this year will finally be the final year of the yellow beasts dominating the school gates. Indeed it appears that there is now only one left still playing its trade, this being G615 OTV, along with H177/8 GTT also still plodding along in the old standard fleet livery. All are expected to be withdrawn shortly, but there is the possibility the H regs will hang on for slightly longer, we shall soon see! With the brand new Enviro 400s about to be delivered, and with the recent influx of even more B7TLs, there really will now be the capacity to plug the gap that the B10Ms will leave. A shame that after a span of just under 30 years the B10M decker will no longer be a common sight on the streets of Plymouth. Although they've never had such a passionate following as the stalwart Plymouth decker, the Atlantean, the B10Ms have nonetheless proved themselves time and time again; and although they never quite had the character to match the Atlantean, they have no doubt created and played a part in many great memories over their lives. The final day as ever will be the last Friday of the school year (i.e. this Friday!) so get them while you can! 

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Tom said...

Unsure on what will happen re vehicles though Plymouth High School for Girls are said to finish next Wednesday! Dunno if they'll just use Darts/B7s instead of the B10Ms. They can be found on:

1707 from Derriford 29 (from the 129)
1712 from Derriford 50 (from the 124)

That said in recent weeks a B7 is not at all uncommon on the 124! The 129/29 is often 178.

I can also confirm its just 177,178 and 181 left.

Grab them while you can, last day tomorrow!