Sunday, 10 June 2012

Snap on Sunday

Something a bit different for this week! Myself and a few others attended the annual coach racing event at St Day on Monday, with this being my inaugural visit. The event has become infamous in the past for marking the death for quite a number of interesting or rare buses, including various Leylands, AECs etc. 'Luckily' this year, it was just a mix of various bodied B10Ms, as well as a comparatively young LDV Convoy. Three of these came from Wheal Briton, and the other B10M from Hopleys. So from front to back we have LDV T51 LCA, B10M LUI 7651, originally B127 PEL, B10M D756 MRL, and B10M HIL 5389 F953 RNV, which actually attended the Westpoint WHOTT rally in 2010 looking resplendent. 

Unfortunately though, that was not to last! I will post the full set of photos on my Flickr account at some point soon, but for now I will leave you with a few sample shots. If you can't wait 'til then, Tom Pearce has also got an excellent selection of photos from Monday on his flickr account at


Petras409 said...

Looking at the Flickr phots, I think that you should now be known as Laurence Mayhem!

Seriously, though, with all that wreckage - and such little frontal protection - I wonder how the drivers can get away without serious injury.

Ally said...

Wow! Great post!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see Target putting their caoches to good use.