Sunday, 29 January 2012

Snap on Sunday

This week's Snap on Sunday comes to us from 2007 if memory serves, in Devon's capital of Exeter. Not the highest quality of photography unfortunately, I was in my fledgling days as a photographer of the scene, but the rating of significance is luckily much higher than my skill level. The photos show three of the tri-axle Hong Kong spec Leyland Olympians, that unfortunately were only used on the X46 between Exeter and Paignton for a very short while. The trio certainly appear to have been well looked after with all of them not looking their age at all. The downfall of them surprisingly was the reliability of them while at work on the X46 which meant their life was short lived in mainstream service within the UK. The coach spec seating and good top speed would have been perfect for these though. Of course Megabus used these successfully for many years until 'proper' coaches were brought in, and up until very recently, the type was used on South West Trains rail replacement work, painted in a designated livery. I have no idea where they ended up after their spell in Exeter though, so if anyone knows more please do feel free to contribute on the comments section below. Would have loved a trip on one of these in Megabus days, I can only assume it was a great pleasure for the enthusiast, and even from a passengers perspective, they can't have expected too much for their money!


Anonymous said...

They still regularly run on rail replacements..indeed several are still in South West Trains colours.
The only issue with getting a ride on one is often they are used as the back up extras rather than the actual replacements so often just sit parked up in the station all day. I believe I read somewhere many of them have ended up in Lincoln but no-one could figure out why!

Anonymous said...

One went via Swindon and was used on the Trans Wilts Express 49 and the 66.

Anonymous said...

Not on SWT rail replacement fleet anymore these were sold to some independent in Iver. One of the HK Olys went to Stagecoach Yorkshire on the 66 in Barnsley.