Saturday, 28 January 2012


I have a little treat to post today of this simply wonderful photo, sent in to me from Chris Thomas, with my never ending thanks going to him for doing so! The photo shows the rear of Torpoint depot, with these fine pair of Western National Bristol Ks (?) awaiting their fate at the end of their working lives. As you can see the destination blinds have been removed from HOD 4 and HOD 5, which were 877 and 878 respectively while at work with WNOC. The photo is believed to have been taken around 1966 so the photo is naturally of huge importance seeing as so few photos of the bus scene were taken around this time. Of course Plymouth is well documented, but many outstations and such are less so, with Torpoint most certainly being photographed very rarely seeing as its just off the radar of many who would have taken photos in Plymouth. Really brilliant to see photos like this, and once again I am indebted to Chris for letting me share this with you. I have another gem from him to post in the coming days which I very much appreciate him for taking the time to discover within his collection. 

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lutongreen said...

Great Picture! They look in far too good nick to be withdrawn.