Friday 4 November 2011

Totting up the Tridents!

If you were to go down to Torpoint depot this morning, you might just have been 'lucky' enough to find 7 Tridents, instead of the normal 5! Unfortunately, Torpoint has gained another Trident, this one being 32761. She came over for operation for the first time yesterday, this being the first time the ferry lift will have been used on 32761. She joins 32762 which has been acting as the spare but at Torpoint for nearly 2 1/2 years now, and we presume that eventually all of the X80 Tridents will make it over to Torpoint to replace the aging K-ORL Olympians. 

This is the first time that the incorrect route branding will have been used on Torpoint routes, 32761 carrying the new adverts for the X80/1. A 7 year track record of the correct livery isn't bad at all though! It is a shame that slowly and steadily the Olympian duties are dwindling, its quite frustrating when a Trident turns up in place of the usual Olympian on allocation! I'm not particularly looking forward to if/when these become full time members of the Torpoint fleet though! A fleet of VRs and 811s, replaced in 7ish years by Tridents and Darts! How dis-heartening! 


G said...

Have the original pink Tridents ever been repainted or are they still on their original paintwork?

Laurence Mayhew said...

Hi Graeme,
Nope, none of them have been painted since they were new! A couple have different shades of pink where body panels have been replaced, but no, they've been in the same paint for 7 years now. Weirdly, the Varios actually got re-painted not that long before they were withdrawn. 40002 the only pink Dart has also been re-painted, but no, they haven't bothered with the Tridents!

G said...

Thought that was probably the case, thanks for the confirmation, Laurence.