Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Citybus repaints continue



Despite many people's opinions on the now redundant 'Route 34' livery, I really liked it! Wait, let me re-phrase that, I liked it when it was new! The livery really stood out, the pictures looked great on the sides and rear and it really did draw people's attention to the 34 as a whole. Unfortunately over time the livery faded quite rapidly, and soon was taken off to reveal the plain windows, leaving half a Northern Belle on the side, as well as various odds and ends of Plymouth buildings! The three 34 Enviros WA56 HHN/O/P are quite rare to see on the 34 these days, and have been for some time since the official contract ended for the Enviros on the 34, bought in conjunction with the Royal William Yard developments. Its much more common to see these 3 on 5s, 40s, 41s, 42s, 43As, 44s, and so on. 

I must admit, I think this livery looks even better on the Enviro than it does on the Dart and B7s! The lines of the livery match perfectly with the move curvy body of the Enviro 200, and with the larger windows aiding in balancing the colour, this really does look fantastic, even on such a dull day as we have seen today in Plymouth. I may well have caught her on her very first trip out in the new livery, I saw her exiting the depot at around 1ish today, to take over a broken down Citaro on the 43 just outside the depot, so may well have been her first run since completed. On the topic of the Citaro, that's the bus I'm really looking forward to seeing this livery applied to, but who knows how long we may have to wait to see that!


Anonymous said...

On the 43A again today along with 59 and 56 (201 earlier)

Tommo said...

I think the livery looks excellent on the 200 but must admit I'm not too keen on the b7's though due to the height it all looks slightly elongated and that it was designed for a single decker! As you I can't wait to see the citaros all dulled up in this livery!

Jared said...

I would be interested to see the PCB resparay plan, but can't imagine seeing the citaros as a high priority. I imagine we will see all 3 route 34 Enviros in the new livery soon.

Are all of the 'new' deckers on the road now and has the Paladium builders bus had its front sprayed yet?

Jared said...

Citybus have confirmed this morning
"Jared we are repainting the three Enviros that were in wraps as the contract has finished and they are not looking their best, 133, 134 and 135"