Monday, 7 February 2011

Ex-Silverlink gets a repaint

With thanks to Stuart Broom, I am able to bring you these great photos of FGW's newly painted 150127. This is one of several that have entered work mainly from Exeter TMD, to begin to replace the Class 142s. Of course 142009 has been repainted and will join the Northern fleet after its spell down here at FGW. You will notice that this repaint has not seen the 'neon waves' with different Westcountry locations re-applied to these 150s, but which are still seen on out more 'native' 150s. I've been told this is mainly to keep costs down, and is due the fact that they used to get dirty quite easily, and therefore a darker base colour has simply been used throughout. 

Good news for travellers is that the 3+2 seating has been retained with their very nice high back seats. Though the legroom is somewhat compromised, at least your pretty much guaranteed a seat, where as on a Pacer, often there is only standing room available.  These have now been very nicely re-upholstered and the trains are looking very much fit for service, for the next stage of their lives.  

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SWTN Admin said...

I hate these trains, i want to keep the pacers!