Saturday, 8 January 2011

New Enviros for Exeter

With thanks to Kameron Allan I can bring you these photos of Stagecoach Devon's brand new 60 plate Enviro 200s. Interestingly, bucking the recent trend of buying Enviros with Scania chassis', these are fitted on top of the more standard Alexander Dennis chassis. In total it is rumoured that there could be up to 36 joining the fleet in total, as to what they are replacing it is not entirely clear, though speculation says is could be some of the Volvo Olympians. Though they are drastically different sizes the capacity is fairly similar because of the extra standing capacity available on the Enviro 200. Of course the Dennis version is a lower quality, but they are much easier to run and the public of course will notice no real difference other than that of the slightly different seating layout. 

Certainly good to see SCD investing in the fleet even in these tough times. It has also been announced that Exeter may enjoy a 4th Park and Ride in the near future, so we shall look out for that! This again can bring me back to what I have said previously about Stagecoach possibly being a better bet for the company that should have taken over PCB, seeing as Exeter is still enjoying a really high quality level of service from their main operator. 


Anonymous said...

They are replacing Solos and B6s on Exeter City Services.

AFAIK The B6s are being junked, the Solos are going to Cooks/Torquay to replace MB Minis

Sean said...

Nice to stagecoach investing i would guess they our taking over the solo's as the solo's our moving to torquay apparently.
like oyu siad Stagecoach South West sout hhave taken over Plymouth City Bus.Stagecoach is a very good a helpfull operator shame they don't run services into Cornwall it would be good to have they try. thanks for the photo's there brilliant to see