Saturday, 15 January 2011

An interesting move

Well today from the top of Royal Parade I spotted K616 LAE about to go on service. Luckily enough I had some time before my 81C was due to whisk me home after a session of 11+ invigilating and therefore took the opportunity. I knew time was tight, so I did a light jog down to the stop where the driver could clearly see me approaching. He proceeded to then close the doors and check his mirrors, I thought oh well fair enough, I can't really blame him for that because it was my fault for not being prompt for the departure of the service. I therefore took and step back and was going to take a photo of the departure instead. Though interestingly when I produced the camera, he pulled back into the stop, and allowed me to board the service, apologising as I got on. 

This was quite an interesting move in that he felt threatened enough to pull back into the stop, in fear of getting in trouble. I feel he probably would have had a just case against me if I was going to do something like that, once he pulls off the stand he can totally ignore any waiting passengers, its no longer his responsibility as it could mean a dangerous manoeuvre to pick up the passenger wanting to board. Quite an interesting situation, not something I'd want to repeat, simply because it made me feel guilty to the effect that I'd held him to ransom with a photograph. 

Well anyway the offending photo is at the top, I wouldn't say the photo is clear enough to be able to identify the driver anyway, but I suppose it would have recorded the date and time along with the service and vehicle. Certainly interesting to see his reaction though, I wonder if other drivers would do the same? 


Nick said...

Yes, I would have done exactly the same. Jobs are certainly not easy to come by nowadays, especially if you got sacked from your previous one.

If It was me driving, a quick word when you alighted to explain the situation would have been greatly appreciated, and depending on my mood would have perhaps raised a smile or a laugh!

Anonymous said...

Don't understand why he pulled back in,becuase you prodiced your cam, was he early leaving or something?

Anonymous said...

Could be that he is just a considerate and helpful driver! He might well have stopped even if you hadn't produced the camera.