Monday, 8 June 2009

Arrivals and Departures

I think it would be fitting to start with the bad news first. Two buses from Torpoint have bitten the dust this week. Firstly is S412 GUB. Which was quite a surprise seeing that she only had a refit a few months ago, and had been one of the best Varios at Torpoint. She was also the last one in the fleet not to have an electric blind fitted, quite rare by standards of today. Therefore covering is just more and more Varios.

The next, news that was unknown to me until today is that Ex-Torpoint Leyland Olympian A167 VFM has now been sold for scrap! She was used at Torpoint in late 2006 and early 2007. She was then moved down to Penzance on 27th July of 2007. She had therefore also been noted on many Truro routes, and up as far as Bude on some occasions. The last news I had was that she was being used in her old haunt at Barnstaple as a driver trainer, though news points that she has now been sold for scrap. I great shame as she was one of the nicest Olympians I have ever traveled on.

It has also been reported that though, C417 HJN is on long term absence she is still down on the books. This means that she may still return to service though there is major work needing to be carried out for this to be possible. This would include a gearbox change and likely a lot more things underneath the surface, which I doubt FDC would be willing to do at this moment in time.

Though on the upside very kindly, a Callington Driver updated me on the condition of K801 ORL. She is currently still being used on Callington route 76 and 76A, though has now been fitted with a ferrylift ready for Torpoint. This means that the 2 sisters are together again, though not quite where they should be!

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