Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Brown in Bretonside

No sooner do Plymouth City Council splash what I considered (even if no one else agreed with me!) a welcome bit of colour around Bretonside Bus Station, they decide to take it away again, and adorn the pillars with paint somewhat resembling GWR Chocolate Brown! Really not quite sure what possessed them to do this! It's not unattractive, but it's just so dull! At least the multicolours were a bit uplifting...

It certainly all feels a bit more alive down there though, with the re-introduction of Western Greyhound's services to Bretonside, as well as the increase in First buses fighting on the Ivybridge corridor, with the 88 leaving from Bretonside every half hour, on top of the X80 and 180. The lack of buses had made Bretonside feel even more baron, but the vibrancy of operators has at least revitalised it a bit! 

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