Friday, 15 April 2011

Coach on loan at PCC

Plymouth Citycoach have currently got this Volvo B9 on loan for a trial purposes. This is the first coach I can re-call being on trial at PCC for many years, so its good to see that Go Ahead may be taking a real interest in the Plymouth City Coach side of the business. It was feared that this may come to an end after the council decided to sell up, but credit to Go Ahead, they've maintained it very well indeed, still providing regular excursions throughout the year, as well as providing the private hire capabilities. It will be interesting then to see if some investment will be made in the coaching side in years to come. Of course Go Ahead have also kept hold of the coaching business at Damory which has seen modernisation and a new livery, which is certainly very clean and striking. I'll be keen to see how PCC will develop in the years to come. Photo has come thanks to Tom Pearce. 


nick said...

DVLA says..

The enquiry is complete
The vehicle details for BJ60 CAO are:

Date of Liability - 01 02 2012
Date of First Registration - 11 02 2011
Year of Manufacture - 2011
Cylinder Capacity (cc) - 9380CC
CO2 Emissions - 0g/Km
Fuel Type Heavy - Oil
Export Marker - Not Applicable
Vehicle Status - Licence Not Due
Vehicle Colour - WHITE
Vehicle Type Approval - M3
Vehicle Excise Duty Rate for vehicle -
6 Months Rate £181.50
12 Months Rate £330.00

It's a Volvo BTW.

Laurence Mayhew said...

Ah thanks Nick. So that makes it a Volvo B9 then.

Rob said...

Either a B12M or B12B with the old Plaxton Panther coachwork

Anonymous said...

PCB have now ordered a new Vo B9/Plaxton, expect to see it within 7 days!