Sunday, 16 December 2007

On the buses

Well what was just an innocent 20 minutes shopping with Mum in the village to Millbrook turned out to be 7 hours onboard Derrick Cuff’s bus.

It started out at 13:19 in Millbrook where I was just getting the camera out to take a picture of the bus but he pulled away. So then we went to Cawsand to get a picture of the bus in Cawsand but who was driving but Derrick Cuff. So I flagged the 32759 down and jumped aboard the bus. “A Child first Day Plymouth Plus” I said to him. “Oh so you’ve been missing me then have you.” And well I had to reply yes. So I asked him where he’s been for his 3 weeks. And he replied that he’d been on his Honeymoon in Gambia. He said that he was hoping to see just a few old bangers or really rare buses but there was absolutely nothing. So we went off on the route talking about things. Then what cropped up (which also has its own article) was that the new Olympians that were coming to Torpoint to replace our Varios are now not going to come here and will be going to Callington which is a real shame because we were all looking forward to getting them but well can’t do anything about that. I just hope that doesn’t mean he will be returning back to Callington just so he can drive them but I know I would. STOP PRESS: This is not true they are still coming to Torpoint. So we went on to Torpoint where we waited there for 30 minutes while I had a look round the depot and Derrick was having a brake. It was then back on the bus this time on the 81 into Plymouth sadly the Dart was the bus that turned up. So I reluctantly boarded 40002 and we were off. Nothing much cropped up except his fascination with his phone. He was talking about all the different T.V programs that he watches when he’s on the ferry or running early etc. We got to Bretonside at 14:58 dead on time and went and parked the Dart up and I went to take a few pictures until going out on the 1523 81C. While there Gerald turned up with 34813. We had a chat with him and he asks Derrick “So how’s married life then” Then Nick turns up and says “You asked that yesterday” Gerald says “Well it can’t be very good because he hasn’t said anything about it” “And he’s on the half past one tonight. And we all laughed. Then Gerald starting going on about “So why do people like you do bus spotting?” So then Derrick started going on about “You know the other day I showed you those pictures of the depot back in the 60’s” “Well that’s why we do it to remember times like that” So then we left and went on all the way back to Cremyll where we met Chris who was on his ½ hour brake before the last ferry. Had a chat with him for a while and a play with the bus blinds until it was time to get going back to Cawsand. And on the way back who did we meet but Luke Farley. Who came on to go to go to Cawsand who started bringing up how much he like the bus we were on however much we hate it. Well a very good afternoon and all that for just £2.60. “Cheaper than you think with a First Day Ticket”

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