Friday, 24 August 2007

Losing and Gaining

Found this on didbygrayham's brillient blogspot 'Plymothian Transit'.

Well as I mensioned when I came bac from St Ives we have lost our oldest Olympian 30065. Now transfered down into deep Cornwall. Well not to worry we have been sent an Olympian from down there. As is on my fotopic site a picture of 31542 opperating the 314 as pictured above. Well didbygrayham spotted her today up here but not in service. If you go on this link:
you will notice that the front left of the roof looks badly damages. That could be the reason that the came up here and might be fixed in Plymouth.
The video link below is of 30065 in her last days at Torpoint and the last days of 81B opperating the route via Anderton:
And I yesterday went up to Dartmouth on the bus which I will post about tommorow but coming back 93 was being opperated by 46420 which I was on when down in Penzance. More on this tommorow.

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