Wednesday, 2 May 2007


Yesterday I was waiting for my bus in Cremyll with a few other people. Well as usuall I counted the miniutes it is late. But it is only usuall a couple of minites. Then it was ten minites and then half an hour. Finally it did turn up and it was not the usual Mercedes Vario it was Volvo Olympian 34002. It was a trainee driver so asked his instructor Tony why they were late presuming it was just the trainee driver. He replyied that they were on a Vario (50306) and it had overheated and needed a replacement bus.

I have heard from other people in the summers there are a lot of breakdowns because of overheating. Matters might be helped now with the withdrawal of the last Bristol VRs (R.I.P) but acctually seems to have got worse with the aging Mercedes Varios. Don't really see them replacing them but this does seem to be becoming a worse and worse probeblem with the Torpoint fleet. And the situation is made worse again by the Leyland Olympians which are the same age as the old VRs with the same engine so really it does still pose the question why choose same age same engine Leyland Olympians over the Bristol VR? I personally would much rather be on a Bristol VR that a Leyland Olympian. If anyone knows why please e-mail( me but I can't see the awnser myself. So expect more late buses on the Torpoint routes.

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