Tuesday, 6 August 2013

So long S412!

A very recent departure from the South West bus preservation scene is that of Ex-Torpoint Mercedes Vario S412 GUB, one of quite a number of First Calderline Varios to join the ranks of First Devon and Cornwall in the mid 2000s. 50306 was my 'favorite' of the trio of Varios permanently based at Torpoint, and in fairness, she wasn't a bad little runner during her relatively brief stint before being replaced by Ex-Truronian Darts at the depot. 

When her time was up with First, she moved onto ownership with the Western National Preservation Group, with whom she has been with for the last few years, up until last weekend, as she attended what was to be her final rally up on the Hoe with the WNPG. Financial problems appear to persist with the group forcing the sale of a number of vehicles, with S412 being the latest to leave what was once quite a large rank of interesting buses. I can't yet confirm who has purchased S412 GUB, although I'm sure someone will know, but she has already been out and about being shown off in her vivid pink and purple Tamar Link swoops at the Gosport Rally the weekend just gone. 

Thankfully S529 RWP, the 'other' Torpoint Vario in preservation lives on in the South West with the ever expanding Cornwall Bus Preservation Society, so pink Varios won't disappear from the South West bus scene totally. Despite this though, it is a bit of a shame to see the duo split up after what has ended up being quite a pampered life for them down in Devon and Cornwall; no doubt they will eventually meet again though! She will of course also say farewell to long term stablemate LFJ 844W, with whom she has worked alongside at Torpoint, and been in preservation with during her time down here. Nevertheless, a healthy number of Ex-Torpoint vehicles continue to survive in the South West, as well as further afield, so all is not lost!

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David Jory said...

She was never owned by WNPG. Paul Derrick priavtly owned her