Sunday, 4 August 2013

Snap on Sunday

Firstly a brief apology for the gap in blogging due to a mixture of internet issues thanks to the influx of holidaymarkers to my corner of Cornwall, using up all the (relatively small) capacity available; and the fact I've been on a family holiday in which usually I'd pre-prepare some posts for, but unfortunately was unable to do so, thanks to the emmits! Good for nothing, hey?

On with the post and I've been tied between two VRs; oh the joys! So first off is this one of VDV 141S, managing to escape the usual 'Hoe Circualar' service, with a far more ambicious driver at the wheel, who decided to give us a brief tour of the South West of the city, taking in Devonport, Stoke, the Torpoint Ferry, Barne Barton and even Saltash Passage - fantastic! Every year my thoughts echo that it's such a shame the variety of routes across the City and beyond that used to be offered over the weekend are no longer provided, so it was great to have someone willing to go that bit further, and on what a vehicle! VDV 141S is such a treat to ride on with her lovely loud, bellowing Gardner, and the man at the helm drove her sublimely. She is pictured here stopping for a brief photo opportunity on Saltash Road

One of my old favorites, LFJ 844W, unfortunately stayed static for the whole duration of Sunday, but I was pleased with this very atmospheric shot, quite archetypal of the weekend. The blemish to this photo is unfortunately the pedestrians, but this can't always be helped, particularly at rallies.  

More VR action to come tomorrow! 

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