Monday 3 September 2012

Snap on Sunday

This week, a photo from the ever wonderful, annual Torbay Vintage Bus Rally organised by the Devon and Dorset Preservation Group. This shot sees Devon General vehicles DD 7497, an AEC Regent, posed next to a much more youthful A680 KDV, one of the Leyland Olympians that used to appear regularly on the Exeter to Plymouth express services 'back in her day'. The photo is taken at the iconic Broadsands Viaduct, part of the Dart Valley Railway at which if the timings are right, you can pose vintage buses and trains together to create a real bygone era type photo. The rally was ever popular with enthusiasts once again this year, no doubt thanks to the huge amount of effort put in by the team who organise the event, so many thanks from me personally for a thoroughly enjoyable day out!  


Anonymous said...

Was my Dad driving 1804 on that trip, my son was with and took a very simular shot, which I have just put on my flickr stream (search under wyedevon)

G said...

Nice shot! Good to hear you had an enjoyable day, Laurence.