Sunday, 26 August 2012

Snap on Sunday

Something a bit out of the ordinary this week for the Snap on Sunday. This 18 meter beast is a Van Hool TG821 'Alligator'. JPB 738V was new to Across in 1980, built to operate on 'Jumbulance' services across the UK. When new she was fitted with 14 beds along the nearside, stacked in twos, hence the non standard double tiered windows, with standard windows and seating on the offside for carers and family members. Her duties simply were to operate day trips for the sick, so that they were able to get out and see the world, from the comfort of a bed, and alongside friends and loved ones. Today, JPB has been converted to a mobile home ( despite looking a bit rough round the edges, drove 210 miles between her previous home in Chipping Camden, and her new home in Cornwall under her own power, and what power she's got! As you'd expect she's a heavy old lump, and therefore is fitted with an engine to match, a 17 litre Fiat V8! Certainly a very rare find, so thanks must go to Mr Mayhew senior for spotting this one among hedges on his commute through Cornwall. Her new owner certainly seems to have a real interest in bringing her back up to top notch condition, so it certainly appears that the future is bright for this remarkable survivor. 

Photos of her in original condition can be seen by following the links below:


Anonymous said...

hi i own jpb738v and understand she is a bit differnt to most vehicals,she is in great shape for year has had lots of tlc over the years and im a lucky man. i dont mind bus spotters stopping and takeing photos from behind the gate.but my mother is quite ill and i dont want her disturbed by people knocking on the door to ask to look about. i know you yourself didnt disturb anyone and i thank you for that but if people want closer photos i will email them some that is not a problem like i said i dont mind people stopping and looking takeing a snap from behind the gate but please consider my mum in doing this..sorry to moan but some people stroll in like im running a bus drop in questions answerd center i do have a friend liveing on board her he is not so photogenic and can be a bit grumpy if photoed while eating his tea..shes far from finished have gutted inside and put down new ply floor chopping out any rusty boxsection and replaceing (windows and rear arches only the rest as good as the day it was built) she has a 17174cc fiat v8 it took people all over europe lords vatican google her reg for more info contact regards matt

Auto Transport Companies said...

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William Murphy said...

I travelled on this huge bus when it was used to transport the sick and disabled. I am not sure if it was this bus or one of its fellow "bendybuses" in the Across Trust fleet which highlighted a hair raising problem with this type of vehicle. On a trip along the M2 in Kent, the driver waggled the steering wheel imprudently, meaning only to give the people on the section behind the bellows a slight scare. Unfortunately, the tail started swinging violently from side to side. The only way to get out of this uncontrolled motion was to accelerate and pull the rear section back into a straight line. This took four miles. Fortunately they did not run out of motorway and didn't hit any vehicles. But my informant declared that there were many Hail Marys said in those four miles, plus some less Christian comments. I don't know if manufacturers have since put dampers on the turntable mechanism of similar coaches to prevent this sort of scare.