Saturday, 16 April 2011

Penzance Rally tomorrow!

Just as a quick note if you didn't know already, the Cornish Bus Preservation Group will be holding their rally in Penzance tomorrow starting at 9:30! A large variety of routes will be run again from the Bus Station to, Land's End, Marazion, Perranuthnoe, Mousehole, St Ives, St Just. A large variety of vehicles will also be running at the event tomorrow, really something for everyone this year! Bristol VRs for tomorrow include OTA 290G, BFJ 175L, SFJ 106R, AFJ 764T, VDV 141S, XDV 608S, FDV 780V, LFJ 858W, and notably, LFJ 844W and LFJ 847W. If this does come to fruition, this will be the first time the two buses have run alongside each other since 2007 at the WHOTT rally in Exeter. 847 hasn't been out on the rally circuit for a few years now, so it will certainly be nice to see the two buses re-united once again!

But of course its not just VRs, Leyland Nationals down for tomorrow are HTA 844N and AFJ 708T, the North Devon Bike Bus. Again both of these haven't been out for a while, so certainly good to see these two together! Bristol LHs for tomorrow will be MUO 328F, VOD 124K, FDV 790V and BDV 318L.  Bristol LD VDV 760 Bristol FLF 468 FTT. Dennis Dart K105 SFJ, Mercedes Vario S529 RWP, again another Torpoint vehicle joining the duo of VRs she used to work alongside. Leyland Olympians, A754 VAF, A686 KDV and G909 TWS. The star of the show amongst this great selection though will be Colin Billington's newly restored Guy FBB, YF 714. Built in 1927, she ran for the Great Western Railway at the beginning of her life, before being turned into a caravan for 20 years! I throughly recommend reading the history of the vehicle on the link below, it really is quite fascinating!  A huge well done to Colin and the team for getting her into this immaculate state after so many years. 

So sounds again like it will be a brilliant event, certainly Penzance is close to, if not the favourite rally of the year on my calender! I look forward to seeing many of you around tomorrow morning.

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