Tuesday, 15 March 2011

X891 is not alone!

Does this look familiar to you? No its not because A-Line's Gemma has had a repaint, or moved somewhere else. This is sister bus X892 YGU!

Looking just as fine is her sister is down here in Cornwall, she is pictured in Cambridge working for Meridian Travel. Both were new as a batch to Lambeth Services in London as disability vehicles, but have now been sold on (at a very reasonable price!) to other operators. Interesting to note that X892 like her sister has also now had the fancy wheel rims removed. They look stunning, but they're proven very easy to catch in strange places while negotiating obstacles on route, and have therefore been removed. Other than that I can see very little difference between the two buses! Good to see another one at work though. Now if only we could swap R651 YCR for this one...

With thanks to AndrewHA on Flickr, from whom I have 'Shared this' from using the Flickr share feature! Please don't hesitate to click on the photo to see more of his great photos. 

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