Friday, 3 April 2009

Route branding problems

This Friday I saw 3 route branded buses operating the wrong routes and one the day before. It really does make you think why they bother sometimes. Listed are what I have seen over the past 2 days.

Today was Tavi-Linx Branded 40582 seen on the Ugobus route 3 to Barne Barton. This was seen several times througout the day on this route where it should be operating an 83/4/6.

Torpoint's Dennis Trident 32760, in the Tamar Link livery was seen operaring what the bus above should have been doing! She was seen in Yelverton operating an 83 to Tavistock!! Quite a few miles from home it must be said!

This picture shows 32709 branded for the X80 in use on the 93 which it saw use today on! Though following literally right behind it was the bus in the picture below. A Mayflower Link 93 Dennis Trident seen on the X80!! Why were they both on the wrong routes and why didn't they swap!!

More news to come in my 2 weeks off! Should bring plenty of interesting news!

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Anonymous said...

I believe 32760 was meant to be in plymouth to have the ferry lift fixed, no idea if it was as it was used on 83's, 6's and 3's for the time it was over there.

Our olympians normally end up on Tavistock runs